USACE Philadelphia District
Published May 15, 2023
Expiration date: 6/15/2023

The applicant, Pennsylvania Department of Transportation, has applied for a Department of the Army permit for a proposed project located along SR 0061, Section 14M in West Mahanoy, Blythe, New Castle and Ryan Townships, as well as Frackville and Saint Clair Boroughs, in Schuylkill County, Pennsylvania. The stated purpose of this project is to provide a safe and efficient transportation system for both local and regional connections by accommodating traffic volumes on S.R. 0061 in the 2040 design year to Level of Service C or better, improving safety and bringing the S.R. 0061 roadway and structures up to current design standards with no or minimal design exceptions. The overall project needs are for improved safety, to relieve congestion, maintenance, and access. Currently, there are portions of retaining walls along the streams that are failing and require replacement or rehabilitation in order to meet the project needs. Public comments are requested by June 15, 2023. More details are available in the "Public Notice" and "Plan Details" attachments.