Published March 5, 2014
Expiration date: 3/24/2014

Decimal Latitude:  40.090894° North; Longitude:  -74.080082° West.

The project site is located along the southwest shore of the Manasquan River, approximately 0.5 mile down-river (southeast) of the Route 70 bridge, and 0.65 mile up-river (northwest) of the Point Pleasant Canal, at 3305-C River Road, Block 9, Lots 26.01 and 26.02, in the Borough of Point Pleasant, Ocean County, New Jersey.

ACTIVITY:          The applicant proposes to make modifications to an existing residential boat dock.  A existing fixed pier extends 197.2 feet into the Manasquan River from an existing bulkhead.  Aerial photographs show that a pier has existed at this location back to at least 1963 (but not in 1957 or earlier).  The pier is 4’ wide for the first 147.4 feet, with a transition to 6’ wide for the outer-most 48.1 feet.  The applicant purchased the property in 2005, so specifics on any prior reconstruction or materials are not known.  No new work or changes are currently proposed for the main pier.  The applicant proposes to remove 8 pilings as shown on the project plans.  An additional 4 pilings would be removed and replaced using non-polluting materials.  An existing 4 x 8’ dock with 3 x 7’ stairs would be replaced with a cantilevered structure the same size (non-polluting material), but with a 5-step aluminum dock ladder in place of the stairs.  In addition, it is proposed to install a 13.5 x 16’ boat lift using non-polluting materials.  This lift was previously authorized by this office in 2005, but it was not constructed.  The applicant proposes to moor their vessel with a potential guest vessel as depicted on the attached plans.  The project site is mapped “moderate” for hard clam density on a 1984 map prepared by the State of New Jersey, Bureau of Shellfisheries.  It is in the vicinity of mapped soft clam beds.


The applicant has received two (2) Waterfront Development Permits (both with Water Quality Certificates) for the proposed work from the State of New Jersey, Department of Environmental Protection (NJDEP file numbers 1524-03-0001.1 and 1524-03-0001.2, dated August 31, 2005, and October 18, 2011, respectively).  The first State permit included a Corps of Engineers


authorization for the boat lift in the form of a State Programmatic General Permit (CENAP-OP-R-2005-2920), but the boat lift was not constructed.  The second State permit, for the piling removal/relocation and dock/stairway replacement, was modified August 29, 2012, to replace the steps with the ladder.