2012-914 Beaches Marina

Published March 13, 2014
Expiration date: 3/29/2014

The applicant proposes to construct a 38 slip marina in Post Creek with restroom facility, ship’s store, and parking facilities (all on uplands). The marina structures consist of three 30’ long by 5’ wide timber ramps separated with  two 5’ square wooden  landings all extending from uplands to a 185’ long by 6’ wide wood walkway leading to two parallel floating docks (180’ long by 8’ wide and 187’ long by 8’ wide).  The ramps and walkway would be supported by 7 timber pilings. One floating dock would have 13 finger piers with 11 mooring piles.  The other dock would have 8 finger piers with 7 mooring piles. Each floating dock would be supported by 6 piles.  Each finger pier would be 3’ wide by 20’ long.  Each floating dock would be accessed from the wood walkway by a 3’ wide by 20’ wide ramp and would also include its own pump-out system.  The project would also include the construction of rock revetment totally on uplands but immediately adjacent to both wetlands and open waters below the high tide line.