Published Jan. 21, 2016
Expiration date: 2/4/2016

On October 15, 2015, this office issued Department of the Army permit number CENAP-OP-R-2015-167-24 to the Borough of Stone Harbor. The permit authorizes dredging of accumulated sediments from various lagoons and bay-front areas within the Borough of Stone Harbor, including private boat slips. The permit was modified on November 20, 2015, to rescind a seasonal restriction on dredging and to authorized a change in the dewatering process. It was modified again on December 8, 2015, to remove a dredging buffer around certain unidentified underwater targets, which were subsequently investigated. No additional changes are being proposed to the authorized dredging, to the approved dewatering and sand separation operations, or the two already-approved off-site locations for final disposal of dredged material. The requested permit modification is to authorize sandy material (greater than 90 percent sand), separated from the dredged material as described above, to be transported by truck and placed on the Borough’s ocean-front beach between 80th and 122nd Streets.