Published July 5, 2016
Expiration date: 7/20/2016

The applicant, Bay Colony Marina SOA, has applied for a Department of the Army permit to construct a 35’ x 4’ pier and 6’ x 30’ dock adjacent to an existing boat ramp, as well as a 10-year maintenance dredging permit. The applicant proposes to conduct hydraulic maintenance dredging of approximately 3,870 cubic yards of accumulated sediment to a depth of -5’ MLW from a portion of the Bay Colony Marina located in, Dagsboro, Sussex County, Delaware.  The dredged material will be hydraulically pumped into Geotubes located on the Bay Colony Marina parking lot.  Once the material is dewatered, the material will be trucked to an upland disposal area off-site.  The dimensions of the structures and the proposed maintenance dredging area are indicated on the Public Notice & Plans document.