Published Nov. 1, 2016
Expiration date: 11/16/2016

The applicant, NJDEP Division of Fish & Wildlife, has requested a modification to a Department of the Army permit issued by this office on October 8, 2015. The permit authorized the removal of accumulated sediment from within the state navigation channel, the creation of a dune facing the Delaware Bay, elevating twenty two and four tenths (22.4) acres of low marsh habitat by the placement of hydrau lically dredged material on wetland habitat adjacent to the Fortescue Creek Channel, and create an area approximately four and one tenths (4.1) acres of beach habitat upstream of the restoration site. While approved, several storm events eroded away the site where the dune was to be placed. As such, no work on the dune has been performed. The applicant is now proposing to create a dune at the above referenced site, landward of the previously approved site. The dune would be one hundred (100) foot wide at its base, forty (40) foot wide at its top and approximately seven (7) feet in height. The habitat restoration site is located at Block 61, Lot 1, in Downe Township, Cumberland County, New Jersey; the dredging would occur within the state navigation channel of Fortescue Creek, near Downe Township, Cumberland County, New Jersey. Additional details are available in the attached "Public Notice & Plans" document