Jurisdictional Determination Information Sheets

By identifying and delineating wetlands early in the project planning process, developers and property owners can avoid or substantially reduce wetland impacts by carefully and selectively siting their infrastructure improvements and structures away from these sensitive areas. Such avoidance can also significantly reduce the amount of time necessary to obtain permits from the Corps of Engineers. Property owners can ensure the accuracy of their wetland delineations by having them verified in writing by the Army Corps of Engineers. Each written verification is valid for a period of five years. The wetland delineation verification process is known as a Corps of Engineers "jurisdictional determination" (JD).

The purpose of the forms listed below is to further increase consistent, predictable, and open jurisdictional determination reporting practices and comply with recommendations presented in the February 2004 GAO Report (and their ongoing investigations) and the ASA(CW) briefs to Congress.

Use of this form is a mandatory requirement for all District and field offices for reporting on preliminary and approved jurisdictional determinations. It is required by HQ Regulatory that all approved jurisdictional determinations be posted using this form, for a minimum period of 3-months, effective August 24, 2004.

Jurisdictional Determination Information Sheets

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