Archive: 2017
  • 2016-956

    Expiration date: 1/18/2017

    The applicant, the City of Wilmington, is proposing to create a wetland park in south Wilmington bordered by South Walnut Street to the west, A Street to the north, Buttonwood Street to the east, and Garasches Lane to the south as part of a wetland restoration/community resiliency project with the dual goal of creating an accessible, highly functioning wetland system and providing increased stormwater management capacity to Wilmington’s Southbridge neighborhood. The design includes excavating approximately 95,000 cubic yards of material, with approximately 16,000 cubic yards of this material to be reused on site. An additional 30,000 cubic yards of clean topsoil will be added. The proposed restoration will permanently impact approximately 4.51 acres of waters of the United States associated with the regrading of the existing wetland. An additional temporary impact of approximately 0.14 acre of impact to waters of the United States is associated with construction access and sediment control measures. The applicant proposes to create approximately 5.35 acres of wetlands and open water, as well as enhance approximately 12.18 acres of wetlands and open water on the site. See "Public Notice & Plan Details" document for additional information.

  • 2012-0158

    Expiration date: 1/18/2017

    The applicant has applied for a Department of the Army permit to maintain existing marina structures and fill and perform proposed modifications to the 46-slip existing marina on the Manasquan River along Green Avenue in the Borough of Brielle, Monmouth County, New Jersey. See attached "Public Notice & Plan details" document for additional information.

  • 2016-1041

    Expiration date: 1/18/2017

    The applicant has applied for a Department of the Army permit to conduct hydraulic dredging of 0.27 acre of waters of the United States for a proposed 24 slip docking facility at Angola by the Bay, Marina Drive, Lewes, Sussex County, Delaware. The dredged material will be hydraulically pumped to an existing confined upland disposal area located on site. The applicant expects dredging to occur in 6 year intervals, as such, the applicant is requesting a 10 year maintenance permit for hydraulic dredging. The dimensions of the dredging area, disposal site and structures are indicated on the attached "Public Notice & Plan Details" document.